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All about Steve

Steve Toshk first emerged in about 2002 when Steven Shelley started writing, recording and releasing. There was already a Steve Shelley (the drummer with Sonic Youth) so Steven adopted the name of his band Toshk as his stage moniker. 

Steve - we'll shorten it to Steve - has been obsessed with music since he was a kid; not obsessed with showbiz or personalities, for him it's all about the music.

Steve spends his spare time listening to music, tracking down old recordings and in the spare time he gets from that he can be found writing his own material.

DJ  / Scufdmusic show on Wickedspinsradio

Steve has been presenting the Scufdmusic show, every other Monday since January 2013.

The show is a sideways glance at the music scene focussing on great tunes from the alternative scene going back over the past fifty years. 

Toshk the Band

Steve has been writing and recording under the name Toshk for a good few years now.

Plenty of material has been released. Some of which you can see and hear on various places on the web:

Steve is busy recording new material and remastering some of his older stuff ready for release in the near future. 

His album: Midlife Crisis of Infinite Steves is due for release next year but will be preceded by several EPs which he's working on at the moment.

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